Troop 169

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latest news:


You may or may not have heard already that I have been working on a redesign for the troop's website. I am pleased to say that it will be uploaded in just a few days! I am planning on uploading it on April first, but if it doesn't go up then, I'll be sure to let you know here. So stay tuned to some majoy changes ahead!

March Newsletter

Hello scouts! I have just uploaded the March 2013 newsletter. Here it is!


November Newsletter

Hello people! This time I have the November newsletter to bring to you. This month we have: Popcorn sales, campouts, and friends of the NRA. More »

New Website

Hello people! I am Otto King-Hoffmann, the new webmaster. I am currently working on the new website, but until the new website is finished I am going to be updating this one more frequently. If you are interested in writing an article for the new website, contact me at I am not sure when the new site will be ready, but I will keep you updated here. Thank you very much for your patience.

Communications Merit Badge Court-of-Honor

Troop 169’s Communications merit badge class will be hosting the troop’s spring Court-of-Honor, on Monday, June 6th at 7:00pm. In addition to the normal Court-Of-Honor activities, we will be discussing the 2011 summer camp program and other events that have occurred recently in the troop. more »


Newsletter: February 2011

We have made a change our plans for summer camp this summer. The troop will be going to Camp Chief Little Turtle during the week of July 10 - 16. There were several factors that made us take a hard look at summer camp and what we were going to do that would work not only for the Scouts but for the leaders as well. more »


Newsletter: December 2010

Yes once again we are in the process of rechartering our troop with the national council Boy Scouts of America. This is an annual event and our time to recharter is January. Enclosed with this newsletter is the Registration 2011 notice and the more »


Newsletter: October 2010

You and your family are invited to attend a Boy Scout Troop 169 Court-of-Honor being held in honor of your son on Monday, the 11th of October in the dining hall of the Auburn Presbyterian Church. We plan to begin the program at 7:00pm more »


Newsletter: September 2010

Once again summer vacation has officially come to an end and some things are new and some things are the same. The new is that all of you are in a new grade and the old is that you have once again elected Marc Hartman as your Senior Patrol Leader. more »


New Pictures

new pictures

Our Web Master has been at work putting pictures on our web site. Check out the pictures link on our navigation or check them out here. As of now (2/16/2010) only 3 galleries are up; but check back their will be more soon! the current plan is to put all of our 2009 pictures up as well as 2010 pictures as events happen.

Newsletter: January 2010

You and your family are invited to our first Court-of-Honor in the new year. This court will take place on Monday, the 8th of February in the dining hall of the Auburn Presbyterian Church. This is a bit early, but since February 8th is the birthday of the Boy Scouts of America, we decided to use this occasion to celebrate our birthday. more »


Newsletter: November 2009


The launching of rockets will be held on Sunday, the 15th of November at DeKalb Middle School, near the soccer fields.  You will need to bring your rocket, a camera, a lawn or camp chair, and of course, your family.  Sign In and safety review will begin at 1:00pm and then we will go from there. more »